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The Chapter of High Morale

Contrary to popular rumor, NEDC Brosnan's report about Tau does not contain the word "morale" anywhere within it. The full text of the report is below:


Tau continues to have conflicting personalities within the chapter, which ultimately had led to the resignation of brothers (most of which were officers). Many brothers worked hard to get the Tau house in better shape, with new furniture, floors, driveway, etc. However, the interest in keeping the house in good order is lacking. There are many frustrated people, which seems to be a common trend in Tau. However, there are a lot of new faces after a massive pledge class in the spring of 2004. Tau continues to be active in the community, with tutoring, participating in National Chemistry Week and Engineering Day at the Mall. This year, they also participated in a family activity entitled “Families Learning Science Together”, where the concept of friction was demonstrated.

Read the full report here.
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